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P AN J I Dancing the Archetype

Dancing the Archetype
(XI Century Legend from the Isle of Java)
NORONTAKO BAGUS KENTUS (RI) Javanese traditional dance, voice

GIANNI MIMMO (I) soprano saxophone
GIANNI LENOCI (I) piano & electronics
OVE VOLQUARTZ (G) bass & contrabassclarinet

His life and epical gestures had been gathered in a collection of mythological poems soon becoming a main subject represented in Wayang, the traditional Shadow Puppet theatre from central Java.
The Panji cycle has been a fertile source for literature and drama throughout Indonesia and Southeast Asian countries.
The archetype of universal love, the adventures, the obstacles against the romance between Panji and princess Chandra Kirana and the forces of good that finally overcome the forces of evil, are performed in this pièce by the Indonesian Court dancer Norontako Bagus Kentus, an exquisite interpreter of ancient gestures and movements.
A graceful dance-theatre play that finds a contemporary declination in the music by Reciprocal Uncles (Gianni Lenoci on piano/electronics and Gianni Mimmo on soprano saxophone, Ove Volquartz on bass clarinet and Christos Yermeneglou on drums & percussions as special guest.

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Nächster Saxophon-Intensivkurs:

Sa. 13.10.18   10:00 bis 17:00 Uhr

„Arrangieren – leicht gemacht“

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